Visalus Shakes

Visalus Shakes

Proper nutrition is important for your health, and ViSalus nutritional shakes from BodyByVi can help you achieve a proper balance for your nutritional needs. They can also help you to lose weight, since they begin with the very foundations of your dietary need.

ViSalus shakes contain a healthy blend of nutrients, fiber and protein, allowing you to cut back on calories while you still stay healthy. You’ll feel just as satisfied as you would if you’d eaten a full meal. You’ll also be cutting out trans fats and sodium, which are both harmful, and not a part of a truly balanced diet.

The flavor of sweet cream shakes will remind you of a cake mix, and they’re easy to take with you, whenever you’re on the go. It doesn’t have to be difficult to lose weight while still giving your body the proper nutrition it needs. ViSalus shakes offer a quick meal with great nutritional value.

In order to prepare a meal shake, use two rounded scoops of shake mix and blend with soy milk or non-fat milk. Or you can mix one with water, for a quick protein snack. Blend in frozen or fresh fruits for extra nutrition and flavor. You’ll want to try ViSalus Shape-Up Health Flavor mix-ins, too, since they give you added nutrition and great taste.

How can a shake help you to maintain your ideal weight, or even lose weight? For a maintenance level diet, drink one shake for breakfast and eat two healthy meals throughout the day. To cut back on calories without losing proper nutrition, use shakes for two meals each day, and eat sensible snacks and one light meal.

Comparing the shakes as made with soy milk, rice milk or non-fat milk and fruit, you’ll see that this provides you with between 20 and 25 protein grams, a full fiber serving, prebiotics, calcium, minerals, vitamins, digestive enzymes and more, and they only have about 240 calories each.

If you compare this to a typical breakfast consisting of a cream cheese bagel, coffee and orange juice, you’ll see how much lower in calories the ViSalus shakes are. Average breakfasts can top 720 calories, and may even contain over 800 mg of sodium. You can fuel your body with a shake, and keep a healthy blood sugar level, while still losing weight.

If you don’t eat anything for breakfast, your body has no fuel to start the day, so these shakes are perfect for people who hit the ground running in the morning. You don’t want to slow your metabolism down by skipping breakfast – because then it will start burning fewer calories, since it perceives this as starving your body. ViSalus shakes give you energy to burn, without extra calories you don’t need.

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